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We have been where you are, we know how to impact while constructing what is needed.

Strategic Consulting for Insurance Companies

We help you construct your digital ecosystem, bringing efficiencies from innovations and startups with direct and measurable impact in your processes and services.


Mergers and Adquisitions - Due Dilligence, TSA , Infrastructure encapsulation , planning, critical path design, HR , Culture conflicts - 15 Adquisitions/Mergers processes Executed .

ecommerce & integrations

We know ecommerce is not just a sales portal, we help you build and rethink your digital ecosystem, integrating chatbots, payment gateways ,call centers, CRM, BPM , predictive dialers, analytics, marketing clouds, session recording , heatmaps and mobile.

Systems Integration

Depending on each process different integrations might impact your bottom line, reducing expenses, increasing your customer satisfaction or making process visible to understand low performers, we propose models to hit every aspect of your company

Migration & Execution

Either if you are planning to migrate your core to a new system, or a business unit has to be migrated we can provide you with seasoned management to conduct the process.

Cibersecurity - Network Protection & Monitoring

One of the biggest NOC with security specialist will protect your network 7x24 .


If you understand the importance of predicting your loss ratio, underwriting your risk properly, minimizing fraud impact, offering coverage on demand and services based on location to your customers like geofencing for their children, weather alerts or stolen vehicle alert and panic buttons, we should talk.

Continuous Improvement

We will advise on any new technology or startup that might be suitable for your business efficiency.

IOT Applied
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Our clients

whom we thank for their continued trust and who choose us because they care about their results.

About US

We are an uncommon mix of expert business and technical consultants working together to achieve your sustainable success.

We are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the commercial success of our clients with whom we partner to help them generate revenue, reduce costs and transform their ideas. We specialize in digital and IoT solutions by taking charge of implementation, and when the client prefers, we also take charge of operating them under flexible schemes that may include co-investment and profit-sharing models. We are able to help you understand how technology can transform transactions, operations and customer experiences, providing our customers with all the experience of successful implementations, and a selection of solutions already tested by our own or by our partners, which allows us to assume commitments of time and costs of implementation with a very high degree of certainty.

We grow based on alliances. We are driven by the idea of adding value, both to our direct clients and to our allies who lead projects, but require our experience to complement their profiles or solutions.

Why would you choose us: Our proposal positions us among the large multinational consulting firms and companies that specialize in a single proprietary solution. The big ones specialize in implementation projects in several years, without budgetary restrictions and that do not require agility and short time to market. We offer several digital solutions, and we do not assemble heavy work teams that must bear the costs of profiles whose added value is not so clear to our clients.

Strategic Partners

We only make alliances with partners we trust and know
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Xemplar Insights

Xemplar Solutions Suite is a digital transformation platform for Personal & Commercial Auto Carriers to collect, analyze and apply deeper insights to their business. It opens a new engagement channel with their policyholders to improve customer loyalty by influencing better driving habits and offering right-priced premiums. Carriers can leverage these insights to design insurance programs and realize better business outcomes by way of lower claims and costs, increased ROI and improved bottom line.

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Javier Bajer

We change cultures in 12 weeks (and we do know that it sounds impossible). Culture moves quickly when we change the conversations inside an organisation. And we know how to do exactly that. Campaigns, surveys and workshops might raise awareness, but they struggle to drive new behaviours at scale. The cultures we create inform everyday decisions and inspire purpose-led performance at all levels.

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Insside Information

Insside Security Suite allows you to implement, manage and maintain the General Data Protection Regulations in an easy and automated way. From the following three pillars you will be able to complete the tasks required by the GRPD. Detect Identify what personal data is held and where it is located Manage Implement controls to know how and by whom personal data is accessed. Implement the management of consents and revocations. Manage the access and portability of the data of the affected entities and traceability of the information. Protect Establish mechanisms to prevent, detect and respond to information vulnerabilities and violations.

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We empower our clients' business by intelligently processing either their own data or the data available on the Internet. We improve scoring systems with information; we estimate product production and demand; we automatically analyze texts, customize offers and contents; we collect and organize Internet data. In this way, our customers grow with this new information. It's their new competitive advantage. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator.

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Nubicam is the peace of mind of being able to see what matters most to you wherever you are from your own cell phone whether is Android or Iphone. Using night vision, you'll be able to see what's going on at home, how your children and pets are doing, even when the light is off. With the recording service, Nubicam records continuously 24hs. in the cloud so you can access in real time and see everything that was happening while you were not there.

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About Coot

Coot is a waterfowl known worldwide for its characteristic takeoff. It can be seen with a hard initial flutter to start walking and then run over the water to gain speed and be able to take off and fly.

There is nothing more similar to what the projects in the companies need. It takes a strong initial effort to break the inertia, and then a lot of constancy and speed for them to fly. Projects that are slow for a long time, lose momentum and are condemned to never take flight.

At Coot we are specialists in making projects take off. We accompany companies at this critical stage.

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